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Treating muscle spasms with Baclofen

         Baclofen is the most prescribed antispastic agent worldwide, used as a muscle relaxer to treat muscle spasms caused by different affections such as multiple sclerosis or injuries of the spinal cord, cancerous tumours of the spinal cord, infections of the spinal cord, relieving the pain caused by muscle tightness. Baclofen reduces the transmission of the nervous influx by stimulating the gamma aminobutyric acid. This stimulation will inhibit the release of certain aminoacids that act as excitants. Neuromuscular influx transmission is not affected by this drug. Baclofen is the to go drug to relieve your pain caused by the above mentioned diseases, regarded worldwide as the number one choice among those who are suffering from them. It is fast acting and because of the mechanism of action, it has been placed in the number one spot in a lot of polls conducted on people who are using miorelaxing drugs, including on former Paralympics competition participants. Baclofen alleviates the symptoms and reverses spasticity, thus, the Baclofen tablet will restore residual function.

Baclofen usage and dosage for antispastic properties

            After you have visited a physician’s office, they will start you on a treatment with Baclofen on a small dosage at first. The optimal initial dosage is very dependent on every patient and his necessities, in such a way that it will alleviate the symptoms but the patient will still be able to perform simple exercises such as flexing or extending his limbs. Doctors will prescribe a dose so that the one who is suffering can remain active and the dose will not cause any major side effects. Baclofen is usually to be taken during eating, with a glass of water. The daily dose should be split into three administrations per day in the case of adults and four administrations per day in case of children. In adults, the treatment usually starts with 5mg of Baclofen three times per day. From that point, the dose goes up by 5mg on each administration in a day, starting from the third day on which the first dose was administered. Doses gradually rise from three to three days, until the optimum dose is obtained. In patients that have sensibility to drugs, treatment will start with only 5mg or 10mg of Baclofen daily. The optimum dose which needs to be reached is somewhere between 30mg and 75mg of Baclofen daily, depending on the doctor’s orders. In hospitalized patients, a unique dose between 100mg and 200mg of Baclofen may need to be administered daily.  In patients that are undergoing dialysis, a small dose of 5mg per day will be applied, and in children the recommended dose is between 0.75mg and 2mg per kilogram of bodyweight of Baclofen will be applied.

Possible side effects and contraindications when using Baclofen

            The side effects are rare and usually begin to show at the start of the treatment, especially if the patient is an elder, or if the dosage is raised too fast, without giving the human body time to adapt to the change. The side effects can be dimished by lowering the dose. They very rare present themselves with such severity that the treatment needs to be stoped. A contraindication or a measure of precaution must be taken into consideration when treating muscle spasticity with Baclofen in patients that suffer from mental illnesses or have cerebrovascular problems. Side effects on the central nervous system include: dizziness, the urge to sleep a lot, nausea. Sometimes other symptoms such as dry mouth, difficulty breathing, confusion, headaches and insomnia can appear. Psychic manifestations sometimes include euphoria, tremor, depression, nightmares, diminished sensation in the tips of the fingers and toes. Sometimes it is difficult to establish a difference between these side effects and the symptoms of the disease Baclofen is used to treat. Other side effects may include constipation, a drop in blood pressure. As a measure of precaution, Baclofen is not indicated in patients who are already suffering from neuropsychic conditions, as it may interact with the drugs that are already used to treat the psychic condition and may create a state of exacerbating their condition. Administering Baclofen should be done only at the doctor’s orders and under strict observation. It is also to be noted that a patient should not stop treatment with Baclofen, especially if he has been on it for a long period of time, because it can cause anxiety, hallucinations and confusion. Halting of the treatment should only be done if the doctor has recommended it. Baclofen treatment during pregnancy is contraindicated as it may have toxic effects on the unborn child. When breast feeding, treatment with Baclofen should only be done in case of vital necessity. Although there are a few side effects, they have not been reported by all the patients. Doctors and researchers worldwide have come to the conclusion that the benefic effects of Baclofen are way higher than the risk of side effects. Baclofen is your top choice and solution to alleviating your symptoms and living a normal life. Baclofen should be stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and humidity and away from children’s reach.

Why choose Baclofen for treating muscle spasticity

            Being diagnosed with a spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, cancers of the spinal cord or other illnesses that cause muscle spasms is not to be taken as a death sentence. A couple of years ago, there was no drug as potent as Baclofen that could be used to treat the symptoms, but now, with the help of scientists and doctors, hundreds of thousands of patient can again live their lives normal, without being in constant pain caused by their underlying condition. Baclofen has been clinically trialed a number of times on patients suffering from the above mentioned diseases, and it has blown away other drugs that were tested in terms of effectiveness, way of administration and effect duration. Users have been rating it with 4 to 5 out of 5 stars and they are claiming that there is no other drug out there that does for them what Baclofen does.


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