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Buying Anafranil Without Prescription Online



Buying Anafranil Without Prescription Online

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Have you ever heard about the amazing Anafranif medicine? If you have, you know all about its positive effects and help it has given to people suffering from obsessive compulsion disorder (OCD). If you haven’t heard about it, let us introduce it to you in this following article. If you are the person that suffers from OCD, or if perhaps it’s someone you know, you will find this information about Anafranil very useful. So let’s begin.

Anafranil is basically a medicine that functions to reduce undesirable and persistent urge of obsession related tasks. It helps by toning down the need for typical OCD symptoms like counting, hand washing, and others. This things can be tedious by getting in a way of leading a normal and healthy life. Anafranil has proven itself as the best possible medicine for treating obsessive compulsive disorder.

How does Anafranil help in treatment of OCD?

Anafranil is categorized in a tricyclic antidepressants class of medications. Shortly put, OCD causes certain chemicals in the brain to become unbalanced, making people susceptible to performing certain routines repeatedly. Anafranil alters these chemicals, making them more stable and balanced, which results in the reducing OCD-like actions. OCD, or obsessive compulsion disorder, is a mental condition in which the patients feel the need for repetitive routines and thoughts. These often include the constant need to excessively wash your hands, perform various counting routines, obsessive needs for hoarding and cleaning, having forbidden thoughts factor, and others. If left untreated and ignored, OCD can cause various complications. Some of the more common complications include occurrence of tics, as well as anxiety disorder. Most serious risk from having OCD however is reflected in a patient wanting to commit suicide. This is why OCD needs to be treated like any other serious illness. Estimated rate of OCD in people is at around 2.3% of world population. Most common way for the treatment of OCD comes in a form of medical counselling, or psychotherapy. However, more often than not, regular psychotherapy is not enough, so patients usually need some sort of medication to help them get through this illness. This is where Anafranil comes in. As one of the most effective tricyclic antidepressants, Anafranil has shown extremely positive results with patients suffering from OCD.

What is the regular dosage for Anafranil?

Anafranil usually comes in a form of 25 mg pills, although there’s a 50 mg version of the medicine. Before indulging in this drug, you should visit your doctor or psychotherapist. Dosage often vary depending on the state of each patient. In some, the OCD symptoms are mild, so they will probably require smaller dosage, while others may have the need for the larger one. Dosage can also be different depending on the age of the patient, their mental health state, other medical conditions they may be suffering from, and other medication they may be taking at the moment. So there is no universal dosage for Anaframil. Your doctor will know the best dose for your needs. When he or she gives it to you, make sure to keep a strict schedule, not skipping a dose, or taking too much. If you accidentally skip a dose, just take it as soon as you remember. If it has come a time for your next dose, skip the previous one and continue with your regular schedule. If you overdose you should seek immediate medical attention, as overdose can be fatal. Overdose symptoms can come in the form of vomiting, fast or uneven heart rate, loss of balance or coordination, extreme drowsiness, fever, severe sweating, stiff muscles, increased or decreased urination, blue lips or fingernails, weak or shallow breathing, fainting, seizure, or even coma. Again, if you take this medicine just as the doctor prescribed it while keeping a regular schedule, there is no reason to worry.

Sometimes taking this medicine can upset your stomach, so it’s best to take it with food. Most importantly, you have to be patient with medication such as this one. The results are not immediate, as it may take up to four weeks until you begin to experience the first results and start to feel better. While taking this medicine, you should have regular check-ups with your doctor, so he could follow the progress of your recovery. Tell your doctor if you don’t feel any improvement or if your symptoms get any worse. You should not stop taking Anaframil suddenly because you may experience some withdrawal symptoms. Keep the bottle at a room temperature without any exposure to moisture, heat, or sunlight.

What are the possible side effects of using this medicine?

As with any other antidepressants, Anaframil too has some side effects associated with its use. Some of the more common ones include upset stomach, losing appetite, dry mouth, nausea, constipation, anxiousness, restlessness, tiredness, insomnia, trouble concentrating, decreased sex drive, and others. Although rare, there are some more serious side effects that will require for you to call a doctor as soon as possible. These include blurred vision, rapid heart rate, confusion, pain while urinating, stiff muscles, seizure, light-headedness, shortness of breath, and suicidal thoughts. This is not a full list of possible side effects, so ask your doctor about the other ones you may be having. Ask about the ingredients of Anaframil, as to recognize if you are allergic to any of them. Allergic reaction can be serious and can include hives, difficult breathing, swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat, and others. If you start having an allergic reaction to this medicine, seek for emergency medical help immediately.


Do not let side effects scare you. They are rare, and even when they occur, they are usually mild. If you use this medicine as instructed, you can only get better. OCD is difficult. Although not fatal, it can make one’s life complicated, as well as for the people that are around. There is no point in ignoring OCD when there are solutions like Anaframil which can help. Both patients and doctors are extremely pleased with this medicine as it is proven to work against OCD almost perfectly. Make OCD a thing of the past in your life by asking your doctor about Anaframil today.

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