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Amoxil or Moxatal are brand names of the famous antibiotic Amoxicillin. It is a very powerful anti bacterial medicine with high properties in healing a wide range of conditions that many of us might occur during our life time! Amoxil is used to fight bacteria in a wide range of infection such as, Tonsillitis, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Gonorrhea and may other infections to the ear, nose, throat, skin or urinary tract! It’s highly efficient and recommended by most of the doctors because of its fast effect on the body, immediate results and easy administration. Amoxil is also used in combination with other antibiotics when in need to heal ulcers caused by Helicobacter infections.

Amoxil is very popular and word wide spread, highly used in Europe and the United States as a class I antibiotic! It may be used since the early ages and has very little side effects! Very important before using Amoxil, to see if the person that’s about to use this antibiotic is allergic to some of its ingredients. Always check with your doctor for possible allergies or if you have asthma!

Amoxil is among the best antibiotics on the market because of the constant development of its structure based on studies made by the producer. It has always been a safe antibiotic and unlike other powerful medication, similar with it, Amoxil is little effect on your liver or blood composition! It’s safe to use even when you are driving or when you are at work. Although considered among the safest antibiotic drugs on the market, it’s always better to double check with your doctor before using it. For example, Amoxil might cause the birth control pills taken by women to have zero effect on their bodies that’s why it is highly important to be prepared before using this high class drug!

Being a high class medication and a very appreciated antibiotic, Amoxil is often confused with a fast remedy for clods or flues. That’s not the case, Amoxil is not a cure for colds or flues and should be administrated only after the doctor checks your condition!


Before taking this medicine


Before taking Amoxil, make sure you are not allergic to any penicillin antibiotic, it’s very important to do that in order to keep your health to an optimum level! To make sure you double check of any allergies, always tell your doctor if you have:

–  Asthma

–  Liver of Kidney problems

–  Food or drug allergies

Marking these steps will always grant you a safe administration and a higher chance to get well in a faster period of time! Another great advantage of Amoxil is that it can be used by regnant women without having to worry about the ingredients harming the unborn child! It’s a very effective medicine with great effects and extreme power in healing the problems its meant to cure! You don’t have to worry about the site effects. Amoxil is known to have little to none side effects but that’s strictly related with taking the drug accordingly to the doctor’s recommendation!

Although safe for pregnant women, with no risks for harming an unborn child, Amoxil might pass into the breast milk. If you are breast feeding, always check with your doctor before beginning treatment with Amoxil.


How should I take Amoxil?


Always take Amoxil as prescribed by your doctor and never start any treatment with antibiotics unless your doctor tells you otherwise. It is very important to use antibiotics only if the condition forces you to take them, otherwise, your doctor will always prescribe lighter drugs or natural remedies!

Amoxil must be administrated daily and at the same hours throughout the entire treatment. It’s best to take this strong drug after you eat. That way your stomach with have no problem in digesting all of the medication’s ingredients. Its effect is at the maximum level when administrated like that! Amoxil can be used in a variety of forms, you can take Amoxil Liquid, Amoxil Chewable or Amoxil pills. Each of the forms are safe and easy to administrate and should take effect in minutes after the first dose!
If you choose to take Amoxil Liquid, simply pour it in a spoon and take it. It’s fast and easy, recommended for persons with problems in swallowing pills! Also, if you choose to take Amoxil chewable, things are even easier because of the variety of tastes available in pharmacies. Always chew the product before swallowing it!

A highly effective drug and a remedy for many infections, Amoxil is surely the type of drug you need in your home. Same and with little side effects, it is knows as one of the best antibiotics on the market. Based on the main ingredient which is penicillin, Amoxil will grant you fast recovery from any type of infection!


Important information when using Amoxil


Being a class I medicine, Amoxil is very recommended and safe to use. Although having such high ratings and so many positive feedbacks from millions of users, it is always important for you to keep in mind few tips about Amoxil.

– Always take Amoxil if the doctor told you so
– Never administrate Amoxil to breast feeding women
– Use Amoxil to treat bacteria caused infections only!
–  Always choose the right form of Amoxil to suit your needs!

This highly rated antibiotic must always be kept out of the reach of children and safe from reaching into animals food! Keep it in a dry and secure place, stored correctly and accordingly to the prescription! It is a medicine that’s very effective and suitable for a wide range of bacteria caused infections. You will be surprised by how effective it is and how fast its action takes place. Most patients say that the effect starts to take place within minutes, other say that few seconds are enough for the healing process to begin! Either way, you will feel the results much faster than any other antibiotic and your heart, liver and kidney will always be protected by the unique formula of the drug itself!
With little to no side effects and small chances for you to get sick when you use it, Amoxil is one of the best antibiotic drugs on the market. Always make sure you ask your doctor before taking it and follow the instructions. The results will take place in short notice after the first dose and you will feel much better, no matter your infection or your condition!

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