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One of the most effective drugs on the market with high action on stopping or at least reducing the spreading of the Herpes virus! A drug like no other with great ingredients to form the best remedy for any type of Herpes infection.  The active ingredient in Acivir is the Acyclovir, a very strong and effective vitamin A based compound which is highly rated as the best way to combat Herpes Simplex and other types of Herpes infections. The medication belongs to a class A product list which is part of the synthetic nucleoside analogues medicine! You can even treat genital Herpes with this amazing product.

Very wide spread and highly effective, Acivir pills can be ordered on line, with ease and safety, but only from approved online drug stores and with license! Due to the popular demand and the high efficiency of the drug, there can be a lot of fake products on the market. Always search for genuine Acivir Pills and make sure the product contains all the safety features before buying it from on line stores. Buying Acivir Pills from on line pharmacies rather than buying it directly from the counter is a much cheaper and faster solution, thanks to the advanced delivery system that the on line pharmacies now have!


Is Acivir Pills the best solution for treating the Herpes infection?


            Thanks to its amazing ingredients, much of them fully natural and organic, Acivir Pills is known to be the best and most reliable solution for any type of Herpes infection and not only. The active ingredient, Acyclovir, is a strong compound which, in combination with all the other ingredients, will aim and destroy the infection source as well as help heal the skin and the surrounding area!

Although a high rated and most appreciated drug, Acivir must always be used with precaution and only with a doctor’s advise. Being a class A medication, you will need a precise confirmation from your doctor that you have or might  have the Herpes infection. Only after a complete examination and a 100% result, will you be advised to use Acivir Pills.

The normal dose when faced with treating the Herpes infection is one pill up to five times a day! In the beginning, the doctor may advise you to start with a lighter dose of one pill for up to two times a day. After a short precaution period, he might ask you to increase your daily dose up to five times a day! This is the normal procedure when treating your Herpes infection with Acivir Pills for the first time!

This method helps preventing some light to minor side effects such as:


– Headaches
– Fatigue
– Upset stomach
– Vomiting

– Nausea

Also, when using Acivir Pills, side effects such as:

– Easy Bruising
– Seizures
– Vision problems
– Irregular heart beat

Might appear in 5% – 6% of the patients! Please contact your doctor immediately in case of such side effect!

Acivir Pills is a top rated  drug which stands as the number one treatment for Herpes infections. It is a safe and reliable method to treat your skin problems as it contains more than 50% natural ingredients. Thanks to its amazingly equilibrated formula, the medication can be easily used by patients no matter their age! Some forms of similar drugs can only be used by persons under the age of 50 years and can have serious side effects on a huge percentage of users!
That’s not the case of Acivir Pills, the drug passed many tests in a huge number of producing countries, all of them with positive results and amazing effect on patients. It’s easy to say that Acivir Pills is by fat the best remedy and the one that everybody should use when faced with the Herpes infection.


How can we prevent buying the fake Acivir product?

Due to its high popularity,  you should always double check the online pharmacy before placing your order for Acivir Pills. Many fake products flooded the online in hope of cheating patients in need for the real cure! Acivir Pills is so effective and reliable that finding a trusted pharmacy online to sell it has become a serious problem! You can always see if the on line pharmacy has a license to sell drugs, browse through more than just one on line pharmacy before buying or simply ask for more details about the product!

Unfortunately many people fall for the fake product and pay for a products that’s not the real deal. But that is soon to end because of the Acivir producers which will start to implement a new feature to the drug’s package and form which will always grant the buyer that it is a genuine product!

Acivir is most popular and highly effective, in fact, until today, no other medication managed to provide the same results as Acivir. A easy to use medication which comes in the form of a pill, with immediate action on your infection and visible results within 48 hours from the first dose.
Always have patience when buying Acivir and confirm the drug store before paying any money.  Kept in proper conditions, in cool and dry places, out of the reach of children or animals, it is the best solution for you to make sure that you will receive the proper results. Once you will manage these simple steps, you will enjoy a happy healing and treating of your Herpes infection in no time!


The risk of a relapse is minimum after you treat yourself with Acivir and in some cases, results took place in less than one day from the first administration. That’s how simple and reliable Acivir Pills is, a drug with no competition which is more than recommended by all doctors to patients suffering from any type of Herpes infection, chickenpox and other skin conditions caused by infections!

Consult your doctor before using Acivir Pills and always make sure you buy from the right on line pharmacy. After you pass these simple steps, you can only enjoy the treatment as it will heal you in short time with no risks or harmful side effects! Simply follow your doctor’s instruction, take Acivir accordingly to the prescription and enjoy a healthier life with no infection to ever cause you problems! A five star drug which will provide the right treatment for your Herpes infection and grant the fastest healing of your skin once the infection is gone. All this at a low price and with the real help of thousands of on line pharmacies around the world which are always on duty to deliver this top rated medication!

Buy Pills Online!CLICK HERE!


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