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Known also as Acyclovir and wide spread all over the world, Aciclovir is one of the best and most effective medication to heal and treat the Herpes simplex virus, shingles and chickenpox. Studies show that Aciclovir, either we are talking about the tablets or the gel, is up to 30% more effective than any other similar medication.

World leader in treating these viruses, Aciclovir also comes in handy when faced with dealing the cytomegalovirus infections. Since the discovery of this amazing medication, prices constantly dropped and now, after more than 15 years since Aciclovir made its appearance on the market, you can buy it online and at a very affordable price!

It is one of the best medication on the market and a very effective way to easily heal any of the mentioned problems. All you need to do is apply the gel or simply take the pills accordingly to the instructions. Your doctor should always advise you on how to use Aciclovir and he should also know what to recommend, depending on your condition, the pills or the gel!

Aciclovir is a medication that easily goes with other treatments, granting you a safe and reliable method to heal your herpes or other dermatological problems while in the same time taking other treatments. It is highly recommended to talk with your doctor before taking Aciclovir because of the medication high interaction with the patients allergic to milk proteins. Also, pregnant women or women that are ready to become pregnant, should always consult their doctor before using Aciclovir.

Is Aciclovir safe to use without a doctor consult?


            Just like any other medication, it is always a good thing to consult your doctor before starting to use Aciclovir. Although one of the safest drugs on the market and a highly efficient one, Aciclovir might have interactions with some particular patients. For example:

– Patients with kidney problems
– Pregnant women
– Patient with liver disease
– Elderly patients

Also, if you are not sure about your health status, make sure to talk with your doctor either you decide to use the Aciclovir 200mg pills, the 400mg pills, the 800mg pills or the gel. Unlike other medication drugs, Aciclovir is 80% made out of natural ingredients. The normal rate of natural ingredients in other similar drugs never passes 40%. That’s a huge advantage of using Aciclovir, you will always benefit from the effect in safe and reliable ways, without having to worry about possible interactions between your body and the chemicals!

Aciclovir is a safe and reliable drug which taken accordingly with your doctor prescription will lead to a complete recovery of any of your dermatological problems!


How does Aciclovir works?


Depending on your imune system, the doctor will advise you to start the treatment of Herpes Simplex infection with a normal dose of Aciclovir 200mg but once your body will get used with the medication, he will continue to advise you to take Aciclovir 400mg and so on. The maximum concentration and the most powerful Aciclovir form to be found on the market is the 800mg version.

Only patients with highly advanced Herpex Simplex infection will have to take the maximum dose and that’s the only way they will treat the infection. Aciclovir 800mg is the most powerful but in the same time it remains safe and reliable just like the lighter versions. Although containing up to four times the amount of active ingredients, Aciclovir 800mg will take effect in the safest possible manner.

Your body or vital organs will never be in danger as Aciclovir is easy to digest by your stomach and highly efficient in aiming and destroying the infection. It is always better to continue the treatment with Aciclovir even after the infection has passed. Taking Aciclovir up to 7 days after the healing is a highly recommended procedure in order to grant a complete healing and lower the chances of a relapse.


Why is Aciclovir such an effective drug for treating the Herpes Simplex Infection?


            The main reason Aciclovir is such an effective and reliable drug for healing the Herpes Simplex infection along other infections similar with it, is that the drug contains a lot of active ingredients. It’s a safe drug and a highly ranked medication for such type of infections. World leader and with more than 99% positive feedback, Aciclovir is by far the best option when in need for a quick treatment.

More than half of the patients in a recent survey told doctors that they felt energized and confident during the treatment with Aciclovir. The reason stands in the drug’s active ingredients which are partially naturals and safe to use at any age! Also, in the same survey, more than 80% of the users told their doctors that taking Aciclovir on a daily basis treated their infection a whole lot faster than the previous treatments. That’s a huge advantage of using Aciclovir, the time needed for the infection to disappear from your blood system is half the time needed by other similar drugs. Imagine you have the option of healing from the Herpes Simplex infection in a week or a month! What will you do? Will you accept the treatment that will heal you in a month or will you accept the one that will heal you in a week?

That’s how fast Aciclovir is when compared with other similar drugs. All you need is the confirmation from your doctor that your health condition will not interact with the medication in a negative way!

Once you complete the steps and make sure you are all set to start the treatment with Aciclovir, there will be nothing to stand in your way.  The Herpes Simplex infection will be a thing of the past and all you will remember is the fast effect of the drug and the easy administration throughout the whole treatment.
Although safe in comparison with other similar drugs and easy to administrate to any type of patient, Aciclovir might have some side effects ( minimum effects) and also, might interact with some types of other treatments!
Always make sure you talk with your doctor before starting a treatment with Aciclovir. It is the best way to avoid any unexpected situations that might cause you problems.
Never take a double dose or in case you miss one, simply skip to the next one when the time comes. Aciclovir has active ingredients that can remain in your blood system up to 24 hours that’s why you should never worry if you miss a dose!

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