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Let us introduce you to the largest and most popular online pharmacy in Canada. It is called Canada Drugs, and it has been operating since 2001. Kris Thorkelson is the founder of Canada Drugs. Millions of orders came through this Canadian online pharmacy, and happy customers are very satisfied with the use of this website. It is one of the easiest ways to order medication online and that’s why people love it. With the best possible prices, this company has grown to be one the most used and most trusted online service of its kind. In this article we will inform you about all this website has to offer, from types of medication you can order, to how easy it is to operate the website’s interface and find what you need.

What drugs can I purchase at this website?

There are various medication available for you to buy at You can simply use the search bar in the upper left corner of the homepage to find any desired medicine or brand. You can also browse for products alphabetically, and there are always suggestions on the site about the most popular and most bought drugs. Each medicine you find this website has its own page where you can find all the necessary information about the use of the drug, instructions, dosage, and side effects. You can be sure that these information are accurate as they have been written by professionals who understand well how these medications work. Both prescription and over the counter products (no prescription needed) are available for order and purchase on the website. Some of the more popular drugs you can order via this website include Advair, Celebrex, Crestor, Lipitor, Naloxone, Nexium, Norvasc, Plavix, Propecia, Protonix, Singulair, Zocor, and many more. You can find drugs that are used in treatment of all kinds of diseases, so you are sure to find the right drug for your condition here.

Canada Drugs has hundreds of staff members, so you can be sure that you are dealing with the true professionals in medical practice. Company’s employers are well trained at providing you with all the needed information you need to know about the medicines, how you should use them, and how to order it online. Make sure to contact them if you have any question regarding medicine and the website itself. They will answer all your questions on short notice.

The best advantage of this website, and Canadian medicine in general, is that the medicine you can buy via are much less pricey that the ones in the USA. Many people are organizing to take bus trips to Canada just for the purpose of buying cheaper medication across the border. This website makes it so you can easily order drugs from the country to arrive at your home address, saving you the need for traveling and cutting additional costs. Medication can be quite expensive so that’s why this site is so great. is a leader when it comes to saving up on medication.

How to use the website?

Using the website is really easy. When you enter a home page you will see various categories that may interest you. You can place a new order, place a new refill, you can search for drugs divided into two categories – prescription products and over the counter products, and a lot more. You can easily find the about page, page with frequently asked questions (FAQ), and the contact information page. You can read about testimonials from other users of the site as well. You can follow Canada Drugs on social networks, as they have facebook and twitter pages. As for your order, you can always check the status of it and download the order form. You can read the blog the website has as well. There is a practical option of changing currency. With this option you can see the cost of each medicine in American dollars, Canadian dollars, as well as Euro currency. If you are searching for a job at Canada Drugs, you can check out the “career” page that is also available. and its operators work 24 hours a day so you can use the website and contact them at any given time. The design of the website is simple and you should not have any difficulty finding the things that interest you.

What should I watch out for when ordering drugs via this website?

As any medication, products have certain side effects associated with their use. Make sure to inform yourself about any possible contraindications for each drug you are purchasing. Every medicine has its own page where this information can be obtained. If you are not clear with any information about side effects and use of the particular drug, make sure to contact the staff members so they can provide you with the necessary explanation.

How to order medicine from

Ordering medicine is quite simple. You will first need to create an account filling out all the necessary information like your full name, address, and other. After that you can just search for the desired product and order it to arrive at your home address. Your product will arrive in discrete package within few days of ordering.

Is my payment information safe with using this website?

Millions of people have already used the website to purchase all sorts of medications, and they had no problem with the process of ordering as well as payment. You can use all the major credit cards like Visa, Master Card, American Express, and others. Your information will be kept safe and private.

Contact information

You can contact Canada Drugs by phone or email. At the bottom of a home page you can find all the phone numbers available for calling. You can also send an email at and Canada Drugs team will answer you on short notice.


As we stated before, millions of people have already purchased all sorts of medicine from, and they are all in praise of this site’s practicality and quality of products. This website is one of the best of its kind, so if you are in need of saving money when buying medicine, is the way to go.

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